Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is a large political, industrial, scientific and cultural centre. Its population equals nearly 3 million people. Kyiv is situated on the Dnieper, the longest river in Ukraine.

The glorious history of Kyiv spans 1,500 years. From olden times it is referred to as “the Mother of all cities of ancient Rus”. In the 9th century the city became a big trading centre of Eastern Europe linked through the Dnieper and the Black Sea with Caucasus, the Middle East countries and Rome. From the 11th century, a time of prosperity for the Kyiv Rus State, many European kings considered it an honour to establish matrimonial ties with the family of the Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Kyiv enjoys wide popularity in many countries. It is the scientific, industrial and cultural center of Ukraine. It has many scientific institutions and higher educational establishments among which are National University, Polytechnic University, Food Industry Technological University, Light industry Technological University, Pedagogical University Medical University, etc.

There are huge enterprises in Kyiv. They produce excavators, airliners, computers, automatic lathes, gas equipment, chemical goods, cameras, ready-made clothes, etc. The museums, art galleries, theatres and historical monuments in the capital make it very important for world culture.

St. Sophia Cathedral rightly belongs to the world treasury of ancient architecture. I personally find the Sophia Cathedral the masterpiece and the top of the creative spirit of the Ukrainian people.

Kyiv is the centre of Ukrainian culture. The famous Kyiv Shevchenko Opera and Ballet Theatre has one of the best opera and ballet companies in the country. There are also lots of other theatres in Kyiv.

The picturesque green banks and hills, plentiful flower-beds with millions of different flowers, wonderful beaches of the Dnieper, the Kreshchatik, one of the widest and most beautiful streets in our country – all this adds up to the beauty of the Ukrainian capital. The people of Ukraine are proud of their capital because is become one of the world biggest center’s where different festivals, scientific congresses, international exhibitions and world sport events take place every year.

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